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Confessions from a Midlife Crisis
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  • 08/15/13--09:09: choices
  • the other day i drove by a billboard: a young woman holding a newborn in her arms, the caption read: THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE: PRO-LIFE. huh. there is no other choice… i beg to differ. i’m pro-choice. i’m all for people making choices in their lives. and, you know, they don’t have to make the same […]

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  • 09/15/13--17:46: life is messy
  • life is messy. it is. it is messy. and most folks don’t like messy. it’s true. most folks like tidy & neat & wrapped in a bow. yes, it’s true. not all folks, but most. we love the happily-ever-after, the non-confrontational, the clean sheets and yes, the neat drawers. we do. but life is not […]

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  • 04/23/14--20:01: human stain
  • okay, so, let me just say right upfront that i have been on edge. like super duper close to the edge. i’d like to say that i’ve only been on edge for say a week or two, but that’s not the truth. oh, please. i’ve been on edge for about four, or five, or … […]

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    this is what i know this morning post coffee pre wine yesterday my friend asked me, did you ever try it? yes, i said, yes, i tried suicide. obviously, this was all around the news of robin williams & his death. yes, i said… i was young, much younger, and so sad, i was so […]

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    this is what i know this morning post coffee pre wine yesterday i went grocery shopping. and there in aisle three was a guy covered in tattoos. now, truth be told, i like tattoos…i always wanted one. a small one. a teeny one. but this guy was covered in a bit of hate. not full […]

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    a prayer for women: i decided that instead of this being a keynote, it would be more like a commencement. commencement has a really good ring to it. you know: beginnings. graduating. next steps. i’m dedicating this commencement to Joules Evans who shows me every single day what courage looks like. and let me tell […]

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  • 11/24/14--15:34: cosby & effect
  • there is a lot of despicable in the world. a lot. i keep reading the stuff about bill cosby, and i keep wanting to share a secret – my secret – with you. and then i get scared and think, no. it’s a bit ugly & dirty and god knows… and god knows: it’s in […]

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  • 11/29/15--19:00: pieces of you
  • it had been imbedded in the palm of his hand. they had to pry his hand open, and remove it. it was their 20th anniversary, and life had not been overly kind to my mom and dad. a set of circumstances spiraled and set them back, and back then, in the 60’s, you kept secrets […]

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  • 03/22/16--16:41: dear mr. trump…
  • dear mr. trump, many, many years ago i was in an abusive relationship. when i say abusive, i mean i was bruised & battered. this was years ago. years & years ago. when i was young & had no self-worth, no self-esteem what so ever. i had no sense of what it meant to love […]

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  • 04/01/16--12:19: under the wooden table
  • A ritual. Every Saturday we took the Long Island Railroad from Bellmore to Manhattan. New York City. The train ride was about forty-eight minutes, station-to-station. At the candy store in Bellmore, he got a newspaper and a coffee with a little milk; and I would get chocolate milk. On the train, we would find seats […]

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  • 08/17/16--07:58: #ImWithHer
  • i had this amazing moment in walmart today. yes, walmart. forgive me, i live in a rural area. i no longer buy shoes at prada, i buy shoes at peebles. but as always, i digress. a man, a trump supporter – the give-a-way was a ‘make america great again’ tee-shirt – didn’t have enough money […]

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  • 09/05/16--09:35: words
  • They can lift you, inspire you, move you, rattle you. They can shape you, mold you, flatten you, devastate you. They can cut you deep. They can rip you to shreds. They can make you brave. They can fill you with courage. They can haunt you forever. They can hold you up or hold you […]

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  • 11/14/16--07:30: #IAmHer
  • I’m gonna leave you with this. So, tonight I went to our local yoga studio here in town. Truth be told, I don’t do yoga often, I’m more of a sit on your ass and watch it grow kinda woman. I know, I know… I know, but i’m learning to love every bad-ass inch of […]

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  • 12/29/16--08:49: Mount St. Helena
  • it was december 28th – in what now feels like a thousand years ago – and we, ken & i, got a phone call a little after 3 in the morning – our friend’s daughter had just died. just. died. an overdose. a fucking overdose. the world, the entire world, went dark. it was as […]

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  • 08/26/17--13:15: Forever is Not Long Enough
  • There is an interfaith chapel at the New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital. My best girl’s husband is very ill. Intensive care. I drove her into the city so she can be with him, kiss him, smooth his hair and look into his eyes and tell him how much she loves him; to hold his hand and […]